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We are now hiring! Join our team this winter season.

We offer flexible schedules and weekly payroll. Our multiple locations provide you with the ability to work close to home. To apply for one of the following positions please fill out the form below.

Currently accepting applications for:

Heavy Equipment Operators (Skid Steer & Front End Loaders)

Equipment operating experience is required for this position. Please specify when applying what equipment you have operated. Operators work during, and after storms performing load outs. We use tractors, skids, loaders, etc. A valid driver’s license is NOT required, but reliable transportation is needed to get to work locations.

Plow and Salt Truck Drivers

Plow experience is required. The ideal candidates must be reliable and readily available during the winter months. You must hold a valid Wisconsin driver’s license (CDL is not required). Plow truck driver’s work during the day and overnight running the same route almost every shift.

Sidewalk Crews (Snowblowers, ATVs, Sidewalk Snow Pushers & Salt Dispensers)

This position is on-call based as you will be working dependent on the weather. You will be using various pieces of equipment such as snow blowers, salters, and different types of shovels (lifting of 50+ pounds may be necessary). Attention to detail is key as safety is our top priority. A valid driver’s license is NOT needed, however, reliable transportation will be required to either get you to your designated shop or work site . We do NOT provide any type of uniforms besides a safety vest. You are in charge of supplying your own boots, jackets, gloves, etc.

Customer Service Representatives

Previous customer service experience is required. Candidates must be familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. This positions primary duties are taking incoming service calls from customers and repopulating the information into Salesforce.

Open interviews are available every Friday at our main headquarter location (2100 S 116th Street, West Allis WI 53227) from 11am to 3pm from September through November

Or download application and submit to:
Email: jobs@winterservicesinc.com
Fax: 414-358-9090

Mail: Winter Services, LLC
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2100 S. 116th Street
West Allis, WI 53227

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